Let Us Protect Your Lawn And Get Rid of Moles in Buford, Lawrenceville, Johns Creek & Suwanee, GA and surrounding areas

Many people believe the rumors or home remedies to control moles are worth trying. Moles are woodland animals in nature, but quickly move into your yard to colonize in adjacent residential areas. The longer moles are allowed to tunnel the more difficult they become to control. Mole activity will come and go throughout the seasons. New moles will start to occupy deserted tunnels. Mole control is a continuous process that requires maintenance. There is not always a one time cure for moles. Moles primary food source are worms therefore controlling the grubs in a lawn is not protection from mole activity.

Wildlife Home Control's 12 Step Mole Control Process:

1. Contact the customer to schedule a time to meet. We get to all new clients as soon as possible. The sooner the better concerning nuisance wildlife.

2. Inspect the property and surrounding areas for mole activity.

3. Look for mole activity and other animal activity like voles.

4. Look for active and inactive mole tunnels.

5. Look for feeding tunnels and traveling tunnels.

6. Measure the depth and width of traveling tunnels to determine which trap works best.

7. Evaluate the level of moisture in the soil to determine which trap will work the best.

8. Set appropriate numberĀ of traps.

9. Determine which bait to use based on location and depth of feeding tunnels.

10. Determine if spraying the border of the property with a repellent would be of benefit, and spray as needed.

11. Contact the customer to let them know what type of bait was used, number of traps set or removed, and number of moles that were trapped.

12. Monitor mole activity on an ongoing basis. As mole tunnels disappear, we keep replenishing the bait in the ground to stop the advancement of new moles.